Creating a ‘Personal Brand’ may seem like a stretch too far for those who didn’t study a marketing degree but it’s perfectly attainable. It’s essentially about giving your business a personality, a story, a style and a recognisable presence.



      Your Brand already exists. It is how others see you. Whether you choose to take control of it or not is up to you.

      So many entrepreneurs are relaunching themselves as ‘a Brand’. This makes it much easier for your audience to understand what you are about. They can immediately see that your are professional in your approach, that you are an authority in your area. And, when use well, personal branding can demonstarte to your ideal clients that you have a lifestyle and personality to which they can relate. The Know, Like and Trust triangle is vital for forming powerful connections with your audience nowadays, and what better way?

      At its core it’s about being relatable, but specifically to your ideal client. If you’re unsure who is ‘your ideal client’ we go through this is great depth during the pre-shoot consultations as it’s vital when devising a shoot.

      Personal Branding can really increase engagement for small business owners with their audience. I’m a huge evangelist for PB as I truly believe in it’s power to help you connect with your potential customers on a more personal level. In turn this helps improve conversion rates, creates lasting relationships and develops a more loyal client base.



      This shoot is designed to help your audience feel much closer to you through a set of professional images that perfectly convey who you are and what you can offer your potential clients. Not only that but they create a consistent style throughout your website and social media platforms which shouts professionalism and conveys your experience and investment in what you do.

      Through these professional, curated images, you can help your customers get to know you on a more personal level whilst still keeping things business focussed. 


      “You are the only you there is and ever will be. I repeat, you are the only you there is and ever will be! Do not deny the world its one and only chance to bask in your brilliance.”— Jen Sincero



      I work with entrepreneurs, business owners, coaches and creatives who want an authentic online presence. One that reflects their personality, communicates their accomplishments and makes them feel proud of who they’ve become. 

      Together we’ll create a bank of intentional, beautifully curated, on-brand images that you can draw from at any point. No more scarbbling around to find content for Instgram posts of finding images polished enough to go on the homepage of your website. These shoots are designed to save you stress and energy when it comes to showing up onlne.


      What’s Involved in a Personal Branding Shoot?

      We all know the old saying “A picture speaks a thousand words”. We we are of the visual age where we are flooded with images all day, every day and each one has the power to create connections in our minds. We associate images of hands being held with support and compassion, cute dogs with homeliness and love, red with passion or war. We associate ‘something’ with almost every image we see and each has the power to make us ‘feel something’.

      So then, it’s vital to post images that convey who we are and what we do in our business. In addition to subject and expressions, colour and style are important in creating a consistent brand.

      Suggested Shot List

      WORKPLACE/ENVIRONMENTAL – Show your customers where you create their beautiful products. Let them see the space you work in, the one that they may visit. Invite them in and let them have a nose!

      ACTION SHOTS – It’s great if they can see you at work. Then they will know that you don’t outsource, that you are the one they’ll work with. Show them the personal touch you provide!

      PRODUCT SHOTS – Showcase your work in the best possible light. They want to see first hand what they are buying. These can be commercial shots on a plain white backdrop/on location/in nature or even in use.

      HEAD SHOTS – either formal or relaxed or a mix of both. This can be you and your staff so people can feel like they already know you a little before meeting in person.

      GENERAL STOCK SHOTS – flatlays, images of your desk with blank sticky notes so you can add in whatever text you like depending on the content of your post on any given day or you holding up a plain sheet of paper with a big smile behind for the same purpose.

      LIFESTYLE IMAGES – you doing what you love, outside of work. It could be going for a coffee with a friend, family time on the beach, a unique hobby like rollerskating, cuddles with the fur babies!? Lifestyle shots are where ‘your people’ will start to find common ground with you so if you love rock climbing or cross-stitch then post a photo. If one of your potential customers who shares the same interest and sees a shot of you doing what they also love, they will instantly feel a connection with you. 

      IMAGES TO COMPLIMENT TARGETED SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS – I provide support in devising a list of social media posts that send a message and speak directly to your ideal client. This way we can ensure you get the most out of the shoot rather than firing at will and hoping for the best.


      Building a loyal client base is all about trust and rapport. It’s about being relatable to your ideal client, so if you can establish some common ground before you even meet then you’ve already put the building blocks in place for a great relationship!

      I’m taking booking now for next year with a few remaining dates for 2019 but I only take on a finite number of clients as I want to give you as much of my time as possible to ensure you get everything you need from me and have a really great exeperience.