Personal Brand Photographer

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      Oh this beautiful woman! Oliva is an exceptional photographer who has made a recent leap into PBP and is already killin’ it. 

      I’ve known Olivia for a few years as we’ve passed each other a few times within the industry but it’s only since this shoot that we’ve really become friends. She is a true professional with a wonderful wild side and so much fun to hang out with! I learn so much about people through the journey of becoming their brand photographer and I’m keeping this one!

      It’s not just about getting to know about what you do in your business, it’s also about getting to know you so well that I can accurately portray your personality through your images. That connection is so important to me, also because having a great connection means you really, genuinely enjoy the whole process. And when that happens, it makes for a very happy Lauren.


      Being a Brand Photographer herself, Olivia knew exactly what she needed to do. In that sense she was a super easy client to work with but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I had a momentary passing of nerves as I have admired Olivia’s work for such a long time. Luckily I don’t suffer imposter syndrome, I know I got this so thankfully it didn’t last long! Because to do something well, it requires confidence.

      Even before contacting me, Olivia had begun compiling a pinterest board with wardrobe options and ‘pose’ suggestions. This is all part of my consultation phase, and I always prvide lots of support in this area, but Olivia was ahead of the curve.

      I have lots of communication with my clients in the run up to the shoot, I gather very specific information on my initial questionnaire, then there’s the video consultations or in person meetings if face to face is more comfortable for them.

      During this communication thread I make it my mission to inspire confidence in the women I work with. Because you are great at what you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be an established business looking to grow. Sadly being great at what we do isn’t enough in this new ‘super competitive’ world, it’s all about smart marketing and helping your ideal clients find and connect with you.


      Olivia needed a varied set of on-brand images to suit her new brand colour scheme and to convey her personality. They needed to be of the same style, colour and tone. This is when marketing gets really powerful. If you carefully select a colour palette and lace it throughout all of your marketing then you begin to become recognisable. Think about cadburys purple as a great example. Quality and value become attached to brands.

      Olivia was a little nervous about the shoot but she knew it was necessary and knowing me she knew it would be relaxed and totally comfortable. On the day though she was full of excitement. She had a great wardrobe selection that all fell within the colour scheme so when the images are all laid out together there’s a gorgeous symphony of tonal brand colours! 

      She opened up to me during the shoot that she felt uncomfortable about her current weight and was fully prepared to hate all of the photos.

      Firstly, we all see ourselves very differently to how the rest of the world views us. We have a tendency to focus on the negatives so it’s very rarely even half as bad as we think. And secondly being photographed by a professional who chooses great light, flattering angles and lenses that don’t make you look like a hot air ballon in a dress all help! And believe me even slender girls can look like a hot air balloon in a dress when photographed badly!

      “Don’t worry, I got you” I replied.

      When I caught up with her later that week at the Women in Business Expo, she was sooo happy! “How the hell am I going to choose Lauren!!? I want them all”.

      And so, very happy client = VERY happy Lauren! Here are some of her images.