Because no two businesses, or humans, for that matter, are the same all my packages are bespoke and tailored just for you but each one includes a comprehensive planning stage to ensure you get everything you need out of the shoot. In the planning process we will;

      IDENTIFY your ideal client  |  It is only once we have identified your target market and your ideal client that you can choose the correct tone and language to use to really resonate with them. The images we create will be designed to appeal directly to these people. You must understand their pain points and what motivates them, not to mention the fundamentals of knowing where they hang out online.

      DEVISE your visual marketing strategy  |  I’m a photographer so I know the power of great visuals. I have grown my photography businesses based on the visual marketing approach I teach my clients. In today’s online world, visuals (photo and film) are more important than ever before.

      Imagine it in a real world scenario; you’re a beautician who’s excellent at what you do. You put all your love and energy into your clients. You have a shop front that’s seen better days but you choose not to invest in giving the salon a makeover because you’re worried that you don’t have the budget for it.

      Suddenly, next door, appears a top of the range salon with a sexy finish and a modern, inviting interior. If you were a potential client, from the outside alone…if you needed your eyebrows reshaping, which would you choose? Potentially even if they were more expensive?

      PLAN the shoot to maximise the impact  |  I’ll give you plenty of guidance. You are not alone in this. With my expertise, we’ll work on a plan together. I’ll ensure you get everything you need and want from the shoot as well as a ton of other great stuff you had no idea you needed.

      SUPPORT creating a Pinterest moodboard  |  Pinterest is a fantastic visual aide and it’s vital to get an inspiring board together so we can easily translate the look your are going for. This enables me to realise your vision and absolutely nail ever shot.

      HELP with wardrobe choices   |  This can be an anxiety area for some of us as we just don’t know what works and what doesn’t. I sometimes recommend you visit a personal stylist or colour specialist as this can give you the umph to wear your chosen wardrobe with confidence! The fit is vital and the colours are equally important as they should ideally be related or complementary to your brand colours.

      COMPILE inspiring shot list  |  Ahead of the shoot we’ll have a video call or a get together to go over everything. We’ll put together a specific shot list based on targeted social media posts. If you have offers coming up and big announcements we can tailor an image to use for these posts. If you want to appeal to your ideal clients who are mums then we can get your little ones involved so they have a strong platform on which to relate to you. Perhaps your ideal client is an independent business woman? Then we can gear your images more towards how you work, how you run consultations, the space within which you work or how busy your diary is looking this month. The possibilities are endless!

      DECIDE on locations  |  We can decide on locations that would work well with the look and feel of your brand. Using my expert eye I can tell you what areas would work well for each scenario and which outfit suits each scene.

      ONGOING Social Media Support  |  To help you decide how best to frame your posts, where and when to post them, language and tone.

      LICENCED images for commercial use  |  You’ll receive all the edited images from the shoot and the number is based on the package you decide on. These images are yours to use however you like for promotional purposes; Social Media, Website and in Print Media.