How to Get the Most out of Your Content⁠



      I know something that so many of us struggle with is content creation and where to start and how much effort we have to put in to one post and will anyone even read it??

      So many barriers! Ditch them because our content is where it’s at. It takes time to build a community but it will never get built if you don’t start someonewhere so start here.

      It may feel especially heavy right now as half our brains are largely preoccupied with a goddamn global pandemic! But start anyway.

      I know there will be a universal eye roll as I say this but start writing blogs ladies! I have started to develop a process that feels soooooo good to me and it all started with a blog post…

      I know that writing a blog post can feel like a massive ball ache. Part of the reason for this is because you’re just not sure if anyone is reading it and then it feels like a colossal waste of time.



      Let me help you reframe that thinking because I have a freakin’ awesome reason why you ABSOLUTELY SHOULD be writing blog posts.

      Not only because they help MASSIVELY with SEO but they also convey your personality, your values, what you stand for, your sense of humour, who you are, need I go on? All of which draw your community to you!

      So, I want you to pick a topic you want to cover. You’re going to research it and really get to know the material. Next…


      WRITE THE BLOG POST (Long Copy)

      When you put together a blog post you really REALLY get to know your topic. You research it and compile all the most relevant info and make sure it’s super valuable to your ideal client. So not only are you learning and developing your own knowledge base but you’re also setting yourself up for a ton more content!! How? Read on. Next…


      You’ve read around it and you’ve written your blog post on your chosen topic. You know it really well so actually the idea of doing a live or a pre-recorded video suddenly seems less scary because you know you could easily have a conversation about it. And that’s all a video is, having a conversation, granted more of a monologue but still, you get my point. So bingo, now you’ve got a second piece of content in a different format on the same topic to reach other audience members who prefer visual content consumption than long copy. But don’t stop there…


      Now you can also take snippets or chunks from your blog post to create a Facebook post annnnnd an IG post! Find a relevant pic for your IG post and you’re winning! You can even use it to inspire your IG stories. Suddenly you have 4-5 pieces of content all appealing to different followers on different platforms but all conveying the same message.



      — You get 4-5 pieces of content from one topic

      — It saves you SO MUCH TIME!

      — It stops you feeling stumped for what to write/post

      — You’re being consistent across all your platforms

      — You’re delivering the same message in various formats to extend your reach as different people follow you on different platforms

      — You’re appealing to those who have different preferences on how they consume their content

      — You’re not cross posting

      — It enhances your authority on the chosen subject by reaching more people

      So what you need to remember to do is…

      BLOG IT (Website)

      SHOOT IT (Youtube, Facebook, IG TV)

      SNIP IT (Facebook)

      SNAP IT (Instagram)

      Anyone remember that game bop it!? Loved that game!!



      So there you have it, my secret weapon in content creation! You can choose to post these all within the same week or so or you can keep them back and filter them through over a period of time. This will start to create a more consistent message and where you miss your followers on one platform you can catch them up on another.

      Now go write a really effing good blog post and work it baby!


      You. Are. Welcome.