Develop a brand presence you’re proud of and convert followers into clients!

      “This is the best thing I could’ve done in my business. I’ve had so many lightbulb moments and am really starting to see a different way to market my business through my personal brand.

      It would have taken longer, been much harder and so much more expensive to get there without Lauren”


      — Monique, The Wright Stationery



      Consider me your photographer, business coach, marketer, and content strategist rolled into one. A wealth of design and business knowledge at your disposal!

      • Dedicated 121 time
      • Goal Setting and Mindset Work
      • Understanding your Brand Story, Values and ‘Feel’
      • A Focussed Marketing Strategy
      • Unique Content Creation Ideas
      • Honest, Sensitive Support Throughout
      • Accountability

      You’ll be empowered to build on what we’ve created and feel confident showing up online knowing that you’re message is attracting your dream clients.



      It’s impossible to know from the inside what your business looks like to your ideal client. An external pair of eyes is vital.

      I work with women who are passionate about what they do and have their clients at the heart of all their decision making. You’re a smart, ambitious woman, you’ve gotten this far in your business but you want more clients, more sales, more income, more direction! 

      Running a business solo is tiring. You have to wear so many different hats and there are frequent moments of overwhelm.


      Having an external coach who keeps you on track, calls you on your bullshit and keeps you accountable whilst also providing genuine, nurturing support and mindset nourishment is invaluable.

      So, do you want to gain a better understanding of your brand values through informal, nurturing coaching? Do you want to know what your message is, who your ideal client may be and exactly where to find them online? You have this wonderful spark of an idea and you know there’s opportunity out there but essentially what you’re trying to do is propose on a first date….to 100,000 people. How many people would say yes?

      I work with passionate women who want to grow their business and become well known in their industry. My coaching is well structured with little challenges along the way that are designed to grow your understanding of how to be a better marketer through the Power of Brand.


      MY STORY

      I was not a confident child, I suffered massively with self worth issues having two parents who struggled with fairly hefty mental health conditions. This was until the day I made a decision for myself not to let my value be determined by anything other than my existence in the world. I had as much right to be here and to succeed in life as everyone else. And so do you!

      That was the beginning of a journey that led to the realisation that our success in life is determined by how much we value ourselves and how much confidence we place in our abilities.

      I also learned that confidence is not an attribute but a skill that can be learned when exercised. You don’t have to be confident before doing a thing, you just have to know that confidence will arrive once you have started.

      Confidence is a wonderful side effect of developing and really owning your personal brand.



      I accepted myself fully and realised that there were those I would REALLY appeal to and those I really wouldn’t. And that was fine. I stopped trying to please everyone and I stopped putting a toned down version of myself online.

      I started really beginning to relate to my ideal clients and began focusing on who they were and creating content based on what they were struggling with instead of trying to prove myself to them. 

      I changed my language throughout my online copy to speak directly to my ideal client. I overhauled my Instagram strategy and implemented well researched tactics so I could position myself in front of my target audience.



      In less than a year I was attracting my ideal clients, my prices had gone up substancially and my conversion rate went through the roof. I had created such a solid brand identity that so beautifully conveyed my personality and my values that people were contacting me ready to book because they knew I was the person for them.

      My instagram enquiries rose from zero to 30% of my leads and is still rising. I convert 100% of them.

      All because my online presence conveyed a consistent voice that spoke directly to my IC.

      If you want a similar success story and would like some guidance on how to get there, I take on alimited number of clients a year so do get in touch when you’re ready to elevate your business and learn the Power of Brand.